iHandle Skills Vault Series 1

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Course statement

This series includes 30 different videos that challenges players to get out of their comfort zone to improve overall ball handling, footwork, and body control. Each drill provides a detailed breakdown of the movements and purpose. This series includes two ball drills, single ball stationary drills, single ball with footwork drills, and tennis ball drills. Two ball drills are a great way to overload handle work and players are challenged with multiple hand exchanges using both hands. Two ball work also helps promote efficient use of the offhand. The single ball stationary drills involve handle overload to help players with body control, ball control, and ball manipulation. The tennis ball drills will hold player’s accountable with their handle and help players with timing, pace, and handle speed.  The last drill covered is single ball with footwork which ties in handle work, footwork and body control together to improve overall control in game play. These drills fused with player accountability and strong work ethic with help players improve overall skill and build confidence.

Content Included:

  • Two Ball Drills
  • Single Ball Stationary Drills
  • Single Ball with Footwork Drills
  • Tennis Ball Drills